Aquadrift 4″ Bottom Drain


The Aquadrift 4″ Bottom Drain is perfect for all gravity fed installations.

Precision machine cut to the highest standard, a bottom drain you can rely on.

1″ separate pressure pipe air connection allows air to enter the drain independently from the water pipe outlet.

The membrane and backing plate on the Aquadrift bottom drain fits into a recess in the specially manufactured rubber dome . The recess in the Aquadrift bottom drain prevents the membrane from becoming detached. The complete assembly is secured to the Aquadrift bottom drain by means of a threaded stem, which also provides the air inlet.

Suitable for 4″ or 110mm pipework. Can be used with standard waste pipe with suitable connectors. For fibreglassed

Recommended maximum air pressure 120ltrs

Can be used with no air hose to the unit, simply use the appropriate connector after your air pump